Registration & Revenue Collection

Two levels of service

We offer two levels of service—revenue collection only, or registration and revenue collection.

How to get started

When you’re ready to work with us, the first step is to contact our registration manager, who will guide you through the process of gathering the information needed to draft a registration form.

Please take a moment to review the questions below in order to expedite the setup of your form. You don’t need to have answers for all of these questions—they are a starting point for further conversation.

Contact us to discuss services and fees after reviewing the questions below.

Questions to think about before you contact us

Basic event information
  1. What type of event are you hosting (conference, workshop, job fair, camp, etc.)?
  2. What is the event start date and start time?
  3. What is the event end date and end time?
Sponsor information
  1. Which of the IU campuses is hosting the event?
  2. Who is the sponsoring IU department?
  3. Who is chairing the event (name, email, telephone, and campus address)?
  4. Is there a point of contact that is different from the conference chairperson? If so, provide a name, email, telephone, and campus address.
Account numbers/codes
  1. Do you have a hospitality code?
  2. Do you have an approved RPAQ? If so, what is the number?
  3. What is the IU account number for distribution of revenues?
Space/facility information
  1. What is the location of the event?
  2. Will your attendees be staying in university residence halls and need to sign up and pay for a dorm room while attending an event?
Registration information
  1. When would you like to begin accepting registrations?
  2. Will there be different categories of registrants (e.g., professionals, students, members, nonmembers, etc.) and different fees for each category?
  3. Are there any survey questions you would like to ask?
  4. What is the deadline for registering online?
  5. Will there be an early bird and regular registration fee?
  6. Who should have access to the registration database?
  7. What is the cancellation policy? (The university requires a cancellation policy when accepting payment. Our staff can help you create one.)
  1. Will any items be offered for sale, either as part of the registration and/or at the event site?
  2. Do you expect to generate income from exhibitors or sponsors?
  3. In addition to registration fees, will there be any fees for à la carte items, such as attending a banquet, purchasing a t-shirt, or attending an extra workshop?
  4. Approximately how much revenue do you expect to generate from registration fees?
  5. Will payment be accepted at the event site?
  6. Who would you like to have copied on the revenue distribution email (up to two emails)?

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