Fees for conference management services

The fees for our conference management services are based on several factors:

  • The services provided (the package of services is unique to the needs of each conference)
  • The size, duration, location, and complexity of the event
  • Our evaluation of the size, duration, location, and complexity of the conference and the estimated time it will take to provide our services

Fees vary from approximately $2,500 to tens of thousands of dollars. In some cases, conference management fees are waived.

Stand-alone services

While our fees often include a package of services, some of our services can be contracted individually:

Site selection and contract negotiations

Fees range from no charge to approximately $5,000, depending on the venue location, extent of the search, complexity of the contract, and length of the site visit (if required).

VIP and presenter arrangements

This service may be chosen as a stand-alone service, or included with comprehensive meeting management services.

Fees as a stand-alone service:

International invited guests$300 per person
Domestic invited guests$200 per person

Abstract submission administration

We have two types of software available for submitting abstracts.

System One: Designed for single paper and/or poster submissions of fewer than 100 abstracts


Per submission$8.50/submission

System Two: Designed for all types of submissions, including organized panels, and typically used for 100 or more submissions.


Per submission$8.50/submission

Entrepreneurial program development

Fees are quoted on the specifics of each program.